Dragon – Wrath

When the dragon breathes fire, all hell breaks loose. The devastating flames expelled from its gullet via its mouth annihilate whatever crosses their path. It is believed that this ruinous blaze can cut through rock like a hot knife cuts through a stick of butter. As the dragon grows, both in age and size, so does its fire power, almost as if the flames churning inside its belly are gradually building up into a blistering inferno.

This searing conflagration is the subject of my next painting, Dragon – Wrath. When the molten broth depicted in my previous artwork has built up to a point where it cannot be contained anymore within its glowing furnace, it rises up the gullet and en route to the mouth, the noxious fumes of a highly inflammable aerosol are released through two orifices. The minute a spark from the fiery cauldron hits this froth, it lights up to create a plume of fire and Kaboom!! It wreaks havoc mercilessly on its helpless victims. The torrential outburst of a livid human mind resembles this smoldering eruption. As the flames of fury build up inside the head, all reasoning and intellect are engulfed by them, and the obnoxious poison that is released, sets free the most dreadful of all emotions…anger. This exasperated and irrational mental state is a ticking time bomb like Drogon, triggered off to explode by the Dragon Queen’s command….DRACARYS!!(Love dragons! Gotta love GOT!!)
The technique I have employed here is the simple Flip Cup, which I have described in detail in one of my earlier posts. In short, it is just a layering of colors mixed with pouring medium and silicone in a single cup, which is flipped quickly in a swift motion onto the canvas and allowed to flow and spread with the help of a little tilting. The addition of silicone is optional, depending on whether you wish to create cells or not. In this case, I chose not to add silicone as I felt cells would give it a more organic look, which I did not want. I have used shades of yellow, red and black to depict the simmering heat, not just of the dragon’s breathe, but also of the violent temper inside a mind mad with rage. While the yellow and red symbolize the fatal nature of the dragon, hence a destructive mentality, the black gives a glimpse of the catastrophic end…when all that is left is smoke, soot and vapor.

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