Dragon – The Fire Within

So, the next installment of my Dragon Series is an Acrylic Pour, my very first for that matter. Before I get into the technicalities of the procedure itself, let me run you through the essence of the artwork.

This one is a sequel to “Camouflage” and gets “inside the skin” of the beast, literally and of the human mind, figuratively. Under the impenetrable crust of the scales, a fire blazes within the belly of this colossal creature, simmering in a broth of molten flames. This molten blaze is a metaphor for the turbulent storm raging within the mind of an infuriated human. The tempest continues to brew inside the fiery precipice, churning and seething, threatening to spew forth its impending doom.

I have attempted to depict this smoldering inferno through the Pour and Swipe method of acrylic pouring. The color palette I have used comprises of warm tones of fire, namely yellow, orange and red, with black acting as a contrast. I mixed each color in a 1:1 ration with Liquitex pouring medium and diluted it further with water to get a flowing consistency. Except for the black, I added 2 to 3 drops of silicone to the rest of the colors. The secret to getting cells to form in your pour mainly lies in the stirring. If you want big cells, then a couple of gentle stirs is enough, but, if you want numerous small cells, then give your concoction a nice vigorous mix. Let the mixtures stand for a few minutes for the reaction to take place and air bubbles to pop.

Thereafter, I poured the yellow, orange and red vertically across the canvas and tilted it gently to ensure the entire surface, including the sides were covered with paint. The next step was to pour the black paint horizontally on one end of the canvas. Then, with the help of a swiping tool (you can use almost anything, from an old credit card, a piece of card board to even a price tag card!), I dragged this black paint across vertically from one end of the canvas to the other, so that it went over all the other colors. What happened thereafter was pure magic! Beautiful cells started to form, as the colors overlapped and the silicone reacted with them. One thing I had to look out for was the formation of air bubbles. This problem can be solved with the help of a flame gun. Not only does it pop the bubbles, but also accelerates the formation of cells.

The end result quite resembled red hot molten lava, spewing and bubbling, overflowing with rage and fury, on the verge of breaking out of its slumber. I decided to be a little more adventurous and tipped the canvas a bit more, resulting in the cells also flowing around to form random, convulsing shapes, giving the effect of boiling hot magma. Phew! Boy was I lucky!! This is exactly what I wanted! Acrylic pour really works wonders in the most unexpected ways.    

One thought on “Dragon – The Fire Within

  1. this is such beautiful painting… it actually brings out the fire within the dragon!!
    love the write up as well!!


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