Of Bespoke and Custom-made Art

There’s nothing more thrilling than the idea of having an artwork custom made just for you. Most people like to indulge in it as they feel it makes it that much more special. This process of creating one-of-a-kind and exclusive artworks is what we call Bespoke Art.

Bespoke art is a totally unique concept which may refer to anything commissioned to particular specifications, or tailored to the customs, tastes, and usage of an individual customer. So, what makes it different from “customized” art? Customized art means that an off-the-shelf piece is slightly altered and “personalized” to individual requirements. In other words, bespoke art is completely exclusive and original, whereas customized art is the edited version. Though both terms are better applied to the world of fashion and apparel, but now they are very often being used in the art world as well.

I have had the recent good fortune of creating both bespoke as well as customized art, the former as the cover page of a coffee table book and the latter in the form of a personalized rendition of a pre-existing piece.

The coffee table book was titled “Reflections from the Bay of Bengal” and my brief was to create an artwork for the cover page that mirrored exactly these words. I was specifically told to include a lighthouse, dolphins and a mermaid by my client, setting them all against the backdrop of the setting sun. The color palette was also specified, that is, coral hues. Keeping all these in mind, I have created the following artwork with acrylics as the cover page of the coffee table book:

The coffee table book cover created by me

The custom-made piece I have created is an altered rendition of an original creation titled Soulaya Transcending by an Iranian artist called Fariba Farsad, who is now settled in Texas, USA. An interior designer by trade, student and seeker of spirituality, and core shamanism, her Bohemian Gypsy Soul and her love for nature and vibrant colors made there way out of her heart onto the canvas.  

It was one such piece of hers that I was requested to render in a specific manner by a client who found the image extremely empowering. The original image was that of a woman in a yoga pose set against a white background.  But my client wished to enhance her power further by placing her against a black backdrop and adding a radiant glow around her.

What inspired me the most about this piece was the harmonious mix of colors and motifs employed by the original artist. For me, it represented calmness, focus, balance and equilibrium and filled me up with positive vibes the moment I set my eyes on it. I am in total awe of Fariba Farsad for her creative genius and give her full credit for producing such an ingenious piece of art, for it has reaffirmed my belief that every woman needs to tap into her inner “goddess” to realize her true potential.

My version of this divine feminine form, resplendent with her red halo as requested by my client is displayed below. This is my attempt to further emphasize the elegance and confidence that is being exuded by the original creation.  (NOTE – I give full credit to Fariba Farsad for the original artwork that I have only used as a reference for creating a new version as per the requirements of my client. In no way do I claim the original piece to be my own creation.)

My custom-made piece

I hope you found both pieces pleasing to your eyes. Do share your comments and reviews about them below!

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