Dragon – Liberation

Hey folks! Time to introduce you all to the next artwork in my Dragon Series.

I call it “Dragon – Liberation”.

This one is an attempt to portray the transformation of the dragon into a calm and tranquil creature, which has chosen to let go of its brutal ways after witnessing its own destructive powers.
Having spewed out its toxic innards, it yearns for liberation, longing to be released from its self-inflicted savagery.
Feeling weighed down by the guilt of its murderous acts, it is craving to shed the load and redeem itself.
In an endeavor to escape the barbarity that is smothering it inside out, it spreads its mighty yet guilt-ridden wings and soars high into the vast expanse of space.
As it ascends to greater heights, it gradually sheds all desire for bloodshed and violence, thus feeling lighter and cleansed.
The mind is in a similar state of self-realization, thirsting for atonement.
Once the storm inside has settled and regret has taken over, the clouds of arrogance and vanity clear and all negative thoughts are set free.
In other words, letting go of one’s vices is like spreading the wings of liberation and taking off into the colossal realm of salvation.

The Technique – This one is yet another acrylic pour exploration, but with a slight twist. It is a pour against negative space.
Instead of the conventional dirty pour or flip cup, I have simply poured three different colors, namely, yellow, orange and red onto the canvas in the shape I desired to achieve, in this case a wing.
Prior to doing this, I poured black paint onto the canvas and tilted it to ensure that it is entirely coated in black, including the sides and edges, thus creating the negative space.
Thereafter, I poured the remaining three colors roughly in the form of a wing, using these cute little nozzle tip squeeze bottles (Sharing an image below).

Ain’t they cute?!

The advantage of using these is that you can control the flow as well as amount of the pouring mixture in order to obtain the desired effect.
The rest is the same…tilt until you get what you want!

And yes! I forgot to mention that I added silicone to the each pouring mixture except the black to get these amazingly cool looking cells that made my dragon wing look even more realistic!
It worked out pretty well for me as I got the result I was hoping for!!

One thought on “Dragon – Liberation

  1. A beautiful way with words and Art to describe Catharsis, an oft used term in Psychology.
    The description of the techniques will definitely be a source of learning .


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