Dragon – Camouflage

Hey all! Sharing a really cool new technique that I came across and used for my next piece of art. It’s called PEEL PAINTING. It’s one of a kind and I had loads of fun trying it out! The best part about this method of painting is that not only is it quick and easy, but also produces, not one, not two but multiple paintings, depending on how much paint you have used. It basically involves squeezing paint between two surfaces, then “peeling” them apart to reveal all these intricate and cool textured, veiny lines…and Voila! You have a Peel Painting!! Read on for a more detailed description.

The scales of a dragon are largely impervious to flames, hence serving as protection for the more vulnerable flesh and musculature beneath. As a dragon ages and becomes more ferocious, its scales thicken and harden, providing not just protection, but also camouflage to this beastly predator’s fiery cauldron. The human mind builds around itself, a similar impregnable fortress, which conceals its deepest and darkest emotion, namely, anger. Not only does it attempt to conceal it, but also struggles to contain it within. Just as the scales of the dragon serve as an armour to its burning fury, the mind tries to disguise its frenzy by appearing dispassionate and unaffected, thereby attempting to blend into oblivion.
And now for the fun part! PEEL PAINTING!! I used this awesomely fun technique
to depict the scales of a dragon in this artwork. As the name suggest, it involves peeling! I dropped blobs of paint randomly onto the canvas, (keeping in mind the composition I wanted to achieve, of course), then pressed another canvas or canvas sheet on top. After applying considerable amount of pressure to ensure that the paint had spread evenly all over the canvas, I literally “peeled” off the canvas on top and I am happy to say, I successfully achieved the effect I was aiming for! Not only did the colors merge and blend-in perfectly, but also rose out of the canvas in the form of “peeks”, if I may call them that. I thought they pretty much gave the effect of dragon scales! What say?

3 thoughts on “Dragon – Camouflage

  1. A great and interesting technique with beautiful results. The write up is full of imagery which would enthrall even a poet.


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