Hey fellow art lovers! As promised, I am back with my next post!! Come join me as I dissect the dragon, hence the human mind further, digging deeper inside, in search of the innermost receptacle of its darkest emotion…ANGER.

This composition, titled Dragon-Fury, represents the enraged being at its destructive best. It also symbolizes the turbulent state of the human mind, when it is at the peak of its ferocity. The monstrous creature, when in rage, fills its belly with smoldering embers, depicted through luminous hues of yellow and red for the dragon’s abdominal muscles. As the frenzy builds up, the fuming embers ascend the gut and illuminate the gullet of the ferocious creature, as seen in the painting. The storm continues to build inside, until it cannot be held back anymore by the dragon(in other words, the human mind), and inevitably explodes like a volcanic eruption. I have illustrated this wrath in the form of molten flames emerging from the dragon’s mouth. How did I do the flames? Well, that’s where the secret lies! It was a painstakingly slow process of melting wax crayons over the canvas, graduating from yellow to red..but it was worth the effort, as I was quite happy with the end result!

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