Coming Up Next….

After exploring the physiological nature and the mental psyche of our beloved Saphira, I have attempted to dissect her psychotic rage further and dig deeper into her anatomy. At the same time, I am excavating into the emotional archives of the subconscious human mind, with an endeavour to analyse the metamorphosis of the delirium building up inside it….Coming Soon…The Dragon – Inside Out!

The Wise Dragon

This one portrays Saphira in a solemn state, when she has overcome her savagery to attained peace and serenity. Full of remorse for the devastation she has left behind in her raging frenzy, she has chosen the path of retribution, thereby transforming into a calmer, wiser and more tranquil being. She represents the penitence of the troubled human mind after it has let loose its fury. Once self realisation sets in, it rises over its unbridled emotions to emerge victorious and attains a transcendent state of eternal peace and harmony. The cooler tones of blue rendering this portrait are symbolic of a contented and peaceful entity.

The Furious Dragon

My next composition portrays Saphira, hence the human mind, in a different avatar…strong, yet ferocious and destructive. Like the dragon, when the mind is full of rage, the darkness tends to take over and it wreaks havoc all around it….I have attempted to bring out this fury in the eyes of Saphira through her menacing glance, waiting, watching and threatening to breath out the smoldering embers of devastation onto all that dare to cross her path…just like an enraged mind threatening to erupt.

Red Dragon

The Dragon…this legendary, mythical being, capable of breathing fire, caught my fantasy at first sight. It is believed that they are telepathic creatures and can “imprint” on humans soon after hatching, thereby bonding telepathically with them. That is exactly what the majestic Saphira did when I first set my eyes on an image of her…It was love at first sight and inspiration galore for the artist in me!
As an attempt to delve further into her psyche, I decided to explore her intrinsic nature…the raging fury within. Soon enough, I realised how similar she is to the temperamental human mind and Lo and behold! My first muse was born!! So the Red Dragon is not just a portrait of Saphira but also a metaphor for the turbulent human mind. I have tried to depict this through a bright palette with warm tones of yellow, orange and red…the varying shades of fiery anger.